Thin The Seal Population? Pros & Cons
- Seals hurt the fishing on the cape.
- Fewer Stripers and other fish will hurt local shops and businesses. A definite turn off for tourists.
- All seals would not be killed, so they would still be a tourist attraction. 
- Reducing the seal population should reduce the risk of white shark attacks on seal and possibly swimmers. One Occurred in 2012.
- Thinning could be done by not rescuing sick and injured animals. Rescue operations are costly and often failures. Rapidly euthenizing them would be a good approach. 
- Seals can be dangerous and their increased numbers makes contact with humans more likely.
- Seals have been known to squash our valued piping plovers. (A little levity from Woo)
- Laws can be changed to humanely allow for controlled thinning of the population.
- Harvesting seals could create jobs for some of the commercial fishermen losing their livelihood. 
- Seals can take over marinas and beaches making them unusable by people.
- Both Herring and Shad populations are undergoing a serious decline. Seals obviously eat them.
- Fewer seals reduces the bacterial levels which cause beach closures.
- Both seals and sharks cause beach closures for  safety of both the animals and the humans.
- Population of seals has growm 3 fold since 2009 to about 15,000.
- damage to environment , personal property, and other protected species on Maskeget Island off of Nantucket. 
- possible pollution of fresh water sources on some islands.
-Pollution to the Cape Cod beaches is increasing. Do you want to swim in that much seal poop?
- Seals are very cute and smart animals
- They are a popular tourist attraction on Cape Cod and other   places. More money for local businesses.
- There is no proof seals have caused the drastic drop in the striper catches on the cape. 
- They could become endangered as they were in the past.
- Euthenizing sick and injured animals without attempting making them well is inhumane.
- Killing any animal is cruel
- Killing seals is against the law in US.
- Seal populations are already being killed in Countries to the north of the US. Very unpopular in Canada.
- Since we are mammals, killing any other mammal is wrong. 
- Seals have the same rights to inhabit the earth as we do. 
- Shark numbers are on the decline. More seals provide more food for the Great Whites. 
- Studies so far do not indcate damage to environment or other protected species.
Yes, population should be thinned.
No, population should not be thinned.
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